Together we
turn innovation
into success!
Benjamin Denayer
Manager Corporate Development
Stefan Milis
Program manager Circular Economy
Denis Vandormael
Senior Project Manager Micro Products
Sirris is the collective research and innovation centre for the technological industry in Belgium. It is the partner of choice for technological innovation in the market. Our non-profit organisation comprises 150 passionate experts yearly helping 1.500 companies to realise their innovation projects.
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Together, to take things forward

Working at Sirris means collaborating within multidisciplinary, flexible teams. We boost innovation in close cooperation with businesses and in a vast network of specialist centres and universities, both in Belgium and internationally. This way, we aim to help companies to achieve technological innovation with a maximal long-term impact.

From know-how to excellence

Our aim at Sirris is to push back any limits by exploring new domains and developing ever more innovative solutions for our companies. Our experts are constantly developing their talents, making sure that, together with the companies, we are prepared for tomorrow's innovations. Our people combined with our exclusive, high-tech infrastructure on different sites over the country give us a unique position in industrial technological innovation.

Tangible results, "futureproofed"

It is our mission to help companies make the right technological choices to accomplish sustainable, economical growth. We actively work on tomorrow's business activities, products and factories, with as our goal to safeguard a successful future for the technology industry.